Letter of recommendation 1

Here is a letter from my friend Amanda.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I would like to recommend Lindsey Sims for the task of Verity Mom!  I have known Lindsey for about a year and a half, and she has come to be one of the funniest, and most sincere friends I have.

Her outlook on life drew me to her. There is humor everyday in her life, even when times are tough. While I knew her in passing, it wasn’t until she became pregnant with her youngest, Lily that I learned of just how courageous and strong she is. She had been diagnosed with a blood disorder during her already high-risk pregnancy, which likely saved her life. She championed on with the pregnancy, managing her diabetes and high levels of fluid that had to be drained often by doctors.

Yet, I never saw her lose her humor. Even when she was clearly exhausted, she was full of smiles. This is what made me decide I just had to know her better. No one could be this naturally cheerful; she had to be on something. I hoped whatever it was would rub off on me! To see how much her children love her and are just like her is a joy.

Lindsey is witty, pithy and all around fun to be with. She gives sage advice of a woman twice her age, but is youthful enough enjoy planning surprises for her friends and getting a kick out of doing it. She is mindful of what moms need in life, and not just the material things, but also the heartfelt wishes and desires of our hearts, prayers for sick children and a hot meal when needed. She knows how life can be sometimes, and will laugh with me when my children bring me joy and laugh at me when I just want to pull out my hair at the next thing they did.

Lindsey is my choice for Verity mom, and I sincerely hope she is yours as well.


Amanda Palmer-Schäfer