Last words... my letter of recommendation

Dear Verity Credit Union,

I’m writing in regards to your recent post for a Verity Mom. My friend Webster told me that verity means the quality or condition of being true, factual, or real. I suppose that means you are looking for a mom that is true, factual, and “real”. You are probably also looking for a one of a kind upstanding, and lets just say it, GREAT employee. I happen to know just the mom.

The gal I know is honestly one of the hardest working stay-at-home moms I know. Since quitting her career she has spent the last six and a half years volunteering. She has mentored teens, served on leadership teams for moms groups, raised thousands of dollars for various charities and schools, and given her time and talents whenever and wherever she saw fit. This mom has a true knack for telling it like it is, in a way that you want to hear it. She is well versed and can talk circles around most people. She is also one of the most “real” people I know. She is willing to admit and own up to mistakes, and takes pride in learning from and correcting mistakes made.

This mom is not just what you are asking for, but a whole lot more. She always wears a smile on her face, no matter what life is throwing at her. People find it easy to open up to her, and sometimes complete strangers open up and tell her things that they wouldn’t tell their best friends. She is comfortable talking in front of people and with people. This mom loves her kids with all her soul. She has even risked her own life for two of them.

I tell you now, if you are looking for a mom that wants this job so bad it hurts. Needs this job so much it’s sad, and will work this job beyond what your expectations, then Lindsey Sims is your Verity Mom.



P.S. I promise never to talk in 3rd person again :)