Destination Ballard.

In a city bursting with bakeries and beautiful markets, it may seem extreme to drive across town on a Sunday morning. But Ballard is worthy of a road trip. First of all, there's Cafe Besalu. This cozy cafe is pure bliss, even with its ever-present long line. Cafe Besalu might just as well be called "Cathedral Besalu". Their pain au chocolat is a spiritual experience--light and flaky on the outside, buttery warm softness on the inside with a perfect dose of bittersweet chocolate. Besalu's savory pastries are equally seductive. I guarantee they'll make a believer out of any cynic. 

A few blocks away, the Ballard Farmers' Market is a lovely place to wander past bushels of brightly colored flowers and produce. It's a form of color therapy for me. And the gorgeous leafy greens are so full of chi, they practically bounce.  There is a huge selection of organic meats, hand-made cheese and hand-foraged mushrooms from around the Sound. There's the salmon guy, the cider lady, the cute dogs, and kooky buskers. This neighborhood market has loads of character. Unless you're allergic to happy people, Ballard on Sunday is one hell of a place to worship!

Hope to see you there,