APPLICANT #6: Tracy Bickhaus

Tracy Bickhaus is a mother of three from Bothell, Washington.

Here is Tracy's video application:

Here is Tracy's current situation:

"I am a mother of 3 very active children and find myself sitting at many sporting events and practices.  I always have a journal or a book with me to occupy my mind, while my kids practice their skills. I own a small internet business selling personalized gifts and have been a stay at home mom for double digit years. I enjoy blogging, creating videos for my YouTube channel and anything crafty. I have a degree in Exercise Science and worked as a personal trainer before becoming a full-time mom. I have a passion for exercise and it also doubles as a stress reliever and my morning cup of coffee – since I am not a coffee drinker [shocking, I know]!"

Here is Tracy's blog post:

"We live in a day and age where electronic gadgets are the norm. Playing video games, texting, emailing and watching one of hundreds of television channels can be fairly distracting. It also tends to make you somewhat of a “couch potato”!

As a mother of 3, I realize how important physical activity can be for kids. Developing good habits as a child will help them grow up to be healthier adults. As an added bonus, exercise helps them sleep better which in turn helps them learn more readily. So it’s a win-win for everyone!

I would like to challenge moms everywhere to have a technology free day. Grab your kids and take them outside for a little fun – old school style! Add some sidewalk chalk, a hula hoop, a jump rope and even a playground ball and you have yourself hours of entertainment. If shooting hoops or climbing the monkey bars is more their speed, pack a healthy snack and head to your local park. We all know in the great Northwest sometimes the weather keeps us inside more than we would like. If that’s the case, check out your local inflatable bounce house party places for open gym times and get to bouncing! Your kids will be exercising AND having fun in no time.


The Verity Mom Team