APPLICANT #4: Nicole Rosen

Nicole Rosen is a mother of two from Tacoma, Washington.

Here is Nicole's video application:

Here is Nicole's current situation:

"Me? Seriously? No one ever asks about me!

Usually, I am classified under my husband’s, name, rank and/or social security number and when I visit the children’s school I am either Austin’s mom or Aiden’s mom. As a family member of an active duty soldier stationed at Fort Lewis in addition to being a mom; I wear many titles.

I am neither a traditional stay-at-home nor a working mom – I am a hybrid mom! I share my time between caring for my children and working both from home and outside of the home. This allows me the best of all worlds. I can be there for my children at school lunches, field trips, doctor’s appointments, plays, or sick days while still bringing an income into our family budget. It’s true that a parent can have it all!

Currently (in no particular order), I am a freelance writer, merchandiser, Independent Pampered Chef consultant, mom, wife, CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for my family, military volunteer, advocate for my children, and sometimes I am a single parent forced to be both mom and dad. Until January 2009; I was a licensed loan originator and had my own radio show from May 2008 to September 2008 that spoke to finances.

Both of my children lead their own active lifestyles which create even more titles – soccer coach, Cub Scout leader, nurse, tutor, health care coordinator, chauffeur, cook, and maid to name a few. My youngest child was born with kidney disease and a team of doctors, at several different hospitals, with different specialties monitors his health closely. He is on track to receive a kidney transplant, hopefully from a living donor, within the next year.

I revived my blog to give myself a voice to share the random musings I dream about when it comes to creating and keeping wealth; this was inspired by the excitement of being a subject matter expert at the 2009 annual Women’s Conference held at Fort Lewis, Washington through the feedback I received from participants. I hope by sharing my own ideas and experiences someone; somewhere will be able to provide a better life for their family. I am on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr, and my own channel on YouTube.

I truly believe we must continue to learn for as long as we are able to learn and there is always something about ourselves and our lives to be improved. The best way to accomplish this is through the experiences of those around you. For more information about me, my thoughts and ways to earn more money or even keep more of the money you earn – check out my blog or listen to some of my old radio shows.

The one title that I do not claim is a web designer or html expert; but everything else in the gadget/technology realm is fair game. I recorded my video submission using a Flip Video Camera on a 1lb tripod and for editing software I used a combination of Pinnacle Studio 10 and the built in microphone on my laptop. My newest toy is a Sony HX1 camera; just in time for the start of school and fall soccer at Fort Lewis.

Feel free to stop by any of my web homes and leave me a comment. My inner child will appreciate it!."

Here is Nicole's blog post:

"Being a mom means being everything to everyone and that includes playing mom, dad, doctor, nurse, teacher, coach, and advocate. That sums up my vision of Verity Mom - being a go to person (who just happens to be a mom) when it relates to finances. Being Chief Financial Officer, I mean mom, of my own small company, I mean family, has taught me how to make mountains out of mole hills.

Today's current economic retraction means the skills which have been honed over the past years of my life are being utilized more than ever. I want to share my skills with the world and be an advocate for families everywhere that only want to make their dollar go further. My philosophy is three words: "Knowledge is Power."

My personal weakness when it comes to money is buying periodicals that promise to help you save XX amount of dollars in YY amount of days or months and what I have found is the tasks are all everyday to my family. We already understand, most of the time, the name brand waffles and the generic waffles get produced in the same factory. The only difference is the name on the box and the price on the shelf. Being Mom, and Verity Mom, means going past “only” buying generic and finding increasingly creative ways to keep more of your own money.

My love for knowledge and my desire to share it with the world translates to listening and speaking with people everywhere about anything. I have been blessed by being able to volunteer my time as a Cub Scout Leader, Soccer Coach, Family Readiness Group Co-Leader, Family Readiness Group Treasurer, Army Family Action Plan committee member, PTA volunteer, and field trip personnel among other. I am a hybrid mom and I want to use my skills to help your family succeed. I am not here to sell a product, but to create a product that sells - knowledge is that product.

I share that knowledge with my children by not giving them an allowance. I teach them that being a part of this family it is expected that they help with the mundane tasks that are associated with daily living. I encourage them to find creative way to earn their own income; just like I did at an early age. When I was about 9 years old I made key chains out of leather and beads and sold them for $1.00 - $3.00 through my grandmother’s dress shop. A few years later; I sold small pin-on worry dolls and finally when I was 15 years old I had a portable roadside watermelon stand. My dad gave me the seed money (purchased the first load) and I was responsible for ensuring that I made enough money to restock my inventory, pay my overhead (gas in the truck I was using), and to make a profit. What did all of these small businesses teach me? A passion to succeed, hard work and determination are the keys to being successful in life. I learned the intrinsic value of a dollar and I learned that when I was in a pinch I could always rely on a solid day’s work to produce a solid income. The outside the box thinking that these early experiences created gave me skills that have served me well in life. My first job was as the head lifeguard of a pool at the age of 16. I was in charge of the scheduling of other lifeguards, the ordering of concessions and the balancing of the books. I worked my way through high school as a waitress and in the summer, as head lifeguard.

Being a mom I try to take the sum of all of these experiences and pass them onto my children. Allow them to learn from my mistakes so, they can become successful in their own right – ideally more successful then their parents.'


The Verity Mom Team