APPLICANT #34: Donna Hammermeister

Donna Hammermeister is a mother of one from Kingston, Washington.

Here is Donna's video application:

Here is Donna's current situation:

"I am currently a owner of a independent event planning company called Compass Corporate Events.
I am also very busy with my daughter and allof her sporting and social events. Wow, being a mom certainly keeps you on your toes!"

Here is Donna's blog post:

"Verity Mom .... It's Me!

Wow.... this is so fun blogging! I must admit this is my first time but it is super easy.

What being a Mom means to me is a very big question...but let's give it a shot.

I knew ever since I was a little girl playing with my baby doll that I wanted to be a mom. Soon after my husband and I got married we were already pregnant! I was a little nervous and must admit wasn't sure if I would know what to do.

All the books full of must know information plus the terrifying stories from other parents...I was petrified!

Once the day came to deliver, I was really nervous....but when I saw that beautiful little baby girl....all my fears were gone.

I never imagined how wonderful it could be to have so much love for one little being. She has been such a joy to watch go through all the different stages of growing older.

I have also discovered the Mama Bear side to me that comes out whenever my cub is in any sort of danger. I also knew nothing about soccer and yet have both coached and managed her teams. It is almost as if you become a different person, but a better one.

What a magic trip I have been on filled with special memories and moments I will always remember. Many more to come as she only 12 years old but growing fast.

Looking forward to more laughter, tears, and love along the way.


The Verity Mom Team