APPLICANT #32: Carmen Allen

Carmen Allen is a mother of one from Seattle, Washington.

Here is Carmen's video application:

Here is Carmen's current situation:

"I am the lucky mother to Olivia, (my 15 month old superstar) and loving partner to William (boyfriend  and dad extraordinaire) for five plus years. In October we will move into our very own house. YES, we are first time home-buyers! (Pause here for jumping up and down.) It has been a long and arduous process but our dream is finally coming true.

I've been watching Home and Garden TV for many years now and I am a like walking scrapbook of do-it-yourself home improvements. I would love to share these inevitably hilarious and hopefully successful attempts with you via video. Currently I work three days at a restaurant in downtown Seattle and when Oly was still an infant I really enjoyed going to my very active job and it also gave William the perfect opportunity to figure out how to care for and bond with his daughter. Now every day Oly learns and discovers something new and I long to be near her as she explores the world. I've been plotting and scheming as to how I will stay home and at the same time earn income. As many of you know there is a shady world of work-from-home offers on the interweb and it can be daunting trying to find an honest days work at home! When I found the post on craigslist my heart  leaped!!! and I've not stopped imagining my fabulous new stay-at-home life.

I am a very excellent candidate for the Verity Mom Blog Host position due to my zest for life (how else can you say it?) and my unbridled passion for discovering positive resources to boost my Motherhood experience points. My  plans for this next year include searching and testing ideas for a small home-based business, creating culinary masterpieces that are at the very least edible, filling my new house with homemade crafts and most importantly striving to be the best mom, partner, and friend that I can be."

Here is Carmen's blog post:

"When we began the process of buying our first home nearly a year ago, I was the epitome of positive thinking. I was manifesting like crazy our destiny to buy a rad and affordable house. To say we have outgrown our one bedroom 700 square foot rental house is a gross understatement. Due to our limited price range we had to consider short sales, and we knew the process could be long. But in the end you own a HOUSE I argued to those wishing to protect us.

My dear friend and astrologer Syd told me in the beginning that our home buying process would be long, frustrating, and confusing, but I scoffed. In fact We had already found a house and a loan and yes, maybe it would take a few months but she was talking about Fall! Well it has been a testament to her mad skills that we are in fact moving in Autumn as predicted. We waited almost nine months to hear back from the bank controlling the sale of that first house.

I will draw the obvious comparison that you can create a HUMAN in as much time. Of course by this time we had moved on, but the truth is we fell madly in love with and lost no fewer than five houses. I've heard similar stories numbering in the teens. Talk about emotional havoc. There are five houses in the South Seattle area that I have decorated completely in my imagination.

Having come from two wonderful parents who taught me that “Attitude is Everything”, I have what I call Perpetual Positive Outlook. Meaning that when plans are going very poorly or when those bad moods strike I feel it's my duty to stay positive and find the good in every situation. This entails of course a fair amount of pretending until things really do get better. While this trait is mostly a blessing, it can prove both difficult and limiting for in this approach you are cutting out of your emotional repertoire a number of the negative emotions entirely. Naturally during this process of finding homes only to lose them again, I spent a lot of time fighting the urge to be mad, and sad. There were so many butterflies in my tummy all the time I could have opened an arboretum.

So how did I deal with this roller coaster ride of emotion? Well, I'm happy to say after many years in a healthy relationship with a semi-professional grump (the sweet-in-his-own-cute-way variety, as opposed to the no-fun-to -be-around model.) I have learned that letting out those negative emotions can be quite freeing when you are frustrated, allowing you to fully recover from lame situations faster and more efficiently. This kind of honesty paired with a heavy dose of optimism can lead to an even better outcome than if you were only pretending. So even though I yelled, cried and stomped my feet. And though I doubted, worried and blamed. Still we found a house, nay a castle, to raise our wonderful family. It may not have been the most direct manifestation, but of all the houses we saw and wanted, the one we are buying is the most beautiful by far.


The Verity Mom Team