APPLICANT #29: Allison Ghorley

Allison Ghorley is a mother of two from Bellevue, Washington.

Here is Allison's video application:

Here is Allison's current situation:

"What Am I up to?

Pretty much the same thing you are… EVERYTHING!!! On any given day you can find me doing most of the following: Getting up early (doppio espresso please) and going to bed late. Helping my husband with our 2 small businesses. House hunting, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning (some days), budgeting, nursing, changing diapers, potty training, laundry, changing a blow-out (great – more laundry), grocery shopping. Alone time with Evey. Alone time with Jack. Alone time with “Hubby”. Nap time – whew! Alone time with ME! Did I shower today? Nope. Take a shower – what’s in my hair?, give a bath - what’s in your hair? Meet for coffee, go to the zoo, find something new and fun to do. Teach, train, play, sing, dance, chase, watch. Oops! I looked away for a second… Is that ½ a bottle of laundry detergent in the carpet? Yep. Give another bath. Text a friend to tell her the story. Steam clean, vacuum, scrub. Bed time! Facebook, email, more house hunting. Fold laundry? No! Watch ‘The Office’ season 5 on DVD? Yes! Go to bed. Up, down, up, down, up, down, get up early - I think I’ll take a triple espresso today. Repeat. Hopefully without the spilled detergent. Yes, life is crazy, but I LOVE IT!!!"

Here is Allison's blog post:

"Leave No Mom Behind

I hope you have one just like you” were the words running through my head at that moment.  Visions of my 5 year-old self, destroying my bedroom in a fit of rage, flashed through my memory. I watched in bewilderment as Evey’s shoes went flying through the air. This was no normal tantrum… This was the one I’ve only heard stories about… the one that you can only hope will never take centerstage at a supermarket – or in my case, the playground. There I was at the top of the swing set, 3 week old Jack balanced in one arm, attempting to restrain Evey with the other. As if the flying shoes weren’t enough, I swear the decibel of her scream broke the sound barrier. A little boy tried to help Evey put her shoes back on, but took off running as her kicking became more forceful and frantic. I was utterly stuck. No hope in sight.

Then, I heard it, the voice of an angel… “Do you need some help?” The words “YES, PLEASE” flew out of my mouth. The angel whispered something in Evey’s ear, calming her down (I keep kicking myself for not asking what those magic words were). We picked up her shoes and climbed down from the swing set. I don’t know the name of my angel, or where she came from, but I am eternally grateful.

I know we’ve ALL been there - In need of just a little help. At that moment I realized something... support can come from anywhere. It doesn’t have to be a family member or someone you know… Help can come from a complete stranger.

Many of us have a great community of family and friends, but others don’t. I know how essential this support unit is and I don’t know what I would do without it. It is my desire that no mom feels alone. So, to all of us who have support, I pose this challenge: Find a mom who doesn’t and step in. It can be the Mom of one of your children’s teammates, the mom who’s husband was just laid off, the mom of the screaming toddler in the Costco food court, the mom you met while nursing in the restroom (who you find out is home alone with a 2 year old and 3week old every day), or the friend who has suddenly found herself a single mother of 2.

It is my hope that we can create an open and honest online community for moms from all walks of life. Whether you are the Mom of a newborn or a 20 year old, we all have ways we can contribute to each other’s lives. We can enrich each other, learn from and support one another. Need help with a “strong-willed” teenager, child or toddler – I’m sure there are many moms who can offer great insight. Did you find an amazing sale on kids shoes - Tell us! Looking for a mom who can help you with your finances - Just ask. Or maybe you simply need to have an “adult conversation”? I’m sure there are many of us who would gladly pick up the phone.

I don’t even want to think about what would have happened that day if it weren’t for the help of another Mom. Let’s make sure no mom is left behind.


The Verity Mom Team