APPLICANT #28: Peg Jatekar

Peg Jatekar is a mother of three from Woodinville, Washington.

Here is Peg's video application:

Here is Peg's current situation:

"Right now I am a part time preschool teacher, where I am starting my fourth year. I have children in primary, middle and high school. A friend of mine told me that I should have had one more child in college, and then I would have had the whole educational spectrum covered! It has been enjoyable getting to know the new students and their parents… all new adjustments for all. It is wonderful to see a child learn something new for the first time or discovering something that we, adults, take for granted.  It is like experiencing the world again for the second time. Being a teacher also shows me how hard my children’s teachers work. You may not even realize this fully unless you are in the same business.

Since I am back to work, I am back to juggling my schedule and organizing my time. With my sons all playing sports and outside school activities, it is almost like running a business; all schedules and obligations have to be met. With organization, more free time is available for you!

I have recently been taking a writing class. I love to write in blogs, journals or simple letters to family and friends. With all of the newest and wonderful technology, the simple act of writing a letter is a bit of a lost art. I love having the opportunity to do both."

Here is Peg's blog post:

"I am originally from Connecticut and I moved to Seattle about 18 years ago and have considered Seattle my home ever since. I am happily married with three wonderful sons! I come from a family of five girls, and I thought I would never have a boy! Someone once asked me if I was disappointed that I never had a daughter, but growing up with all sisters, I really don’t feel like I am missing out.  Having all boys is so new to me since I didn’t have a brother. We did get a female puppy two years ago and I call her my hairy daughter!

Being a mother embarks so many new adventures, some you easily take on, and others are a little more challenging. When you become a parent, I think the first thing you tend to do is to look at your own parent with more loving eyes! For me, I became more understanding of my mom and wondered how she raised five daughters on her own. My father died when I was fourteen and my mother took on both parental roles. I am grateful to be sharing the experience with my husband, and I have a deep respect for a parent who is doing it solo. I can sympathize only by what my mom went through as a single parent.

For many moms, we have at least two roles in the family; a wife and a mother. These are two wonderful roles, but sometimes we may want to do something outside the family. This could be a job, volunteer work, a college course, or whatever spikes your interest. I think it is important to do this so you can still have something that is just for you. This is what I love about what Verity is doing. They are creating a job for a mom. A job that a mom can do at home, but also gives her the opportunity to go out of the house and meet a variety of people. They understand the role of the mom, who is concerned with finances and wanting to help contribute to the family income. This is the start of a whole new relationship!

I think it’s great that Verity is targeting Moms—this is huge untapped market. Many households have the husband dealing with the finances—and I know of many Mom’s who would love to play a bigger role with their family finances (other than just paying the bills!) but are constrained by their lack of financial know-how or technical expertise to avail of online banking resources. If Verity can make it easier for Mom’s to understand finances, provide a friendly, helping hand it would serve a very valuable need for Moms.


The Verity Mom Team