APPLICANT #24: Holly Sanders

Holly Sanders is a mother of two from Seattle, Washington.

Here is Holly's video application:

Here is Holly's current situation:

"He passed the penny! My 13 month old son swallowed a penny, or should I say gagged, choked, and then swallowed a penny. When the emergency room technician needed him to lay still for x-rays, my son amazed me by cooperating. The penny was not lodged in his esophagus but was in his tummy. After 5 days of inspecting baby poop I can safely say he is ok. Although, he still puts everything in his mouth.

Upon seeing a sign for the Fall Carnival at her school, my daughter immediately began trying to decide what to wear. 3rd Graders sometimes wear costumes, but only if their peers find it “cool.” She is moving out of the princess phase towards “American Girl” and teen pop icons. She loves school and the chance to spend time with friends. But she says she already misses her brother.

My husband of 17 years works hard to play even harder.  He prides himself on being available for his real estate clients. He will gladly wake up at 4am to go fishing for a few hours and still make it into work for a 9am meeting. He will also wake up when either child needs more attention than I have the energy for. The surprise, yet truly desired, blessing of having a second child has brought our family closer together. We make a great team! 

When my daughter started grade school, I enjoyed meeting the families and teachers at her school. I was hired to supervise recess and assist the office staff. After volunteering at the school plant sale, I was approached to join the PTA as co-Treasurer. I helped ensure that funds raised went back to support the school and to benefit the kids’ social experience. Being PTA co-President this year, furthers my opportunities to engage with the community of parents that I know and appreciate.

The Pacific Northwest has so many opportunities to connect and interact.  I am thankful to be a native of Washington State. I was born in Richland, graduated from Gonzaga University in Spokane, and have lived for 16 years in Seattle. 

As the Verity Mom I will encourage you to draw on your resources and still deal with the mundane tasks of household management. If you are like me, you want to feel that your time matters. At the end of the day, Verity’s slogan “Where you truly matter” is what we all want."

Here is Holly's blog post:

"Summer marked some memorable events for our family. Neighborhood Block Watch was the night of my son’s 1st Birthday. A potluck brought together two blocks of our street. The grade school and middle school kids played with bubbles and an old wagon. They sang “Happy Birthday” to my son who beamed with the attention of so many people singing to him. It was a moment I will treasure.

My husband of 17 years spent his 40th birthday taking our daughter fishing. The plan for a guys weekend fell through so he decided to spend the morning with her. Then we attended a BBQ with my moms group. The other dads commended him for attending the event on his birthday. He got bonus points from me as well. He pushed the baby in the swing off and on for 3 hours. Just so I could connect with my mommy friends. 

My baby loves to be pushed in the infant swing. His eyes sparkle and he has a smile full of glee communicating: “Thanks mom for spending time with me.” I feel the connection too. Yes, we could be grocery shopping – but we can always eat leftovers, again.

Summer is ending. Something new and exciting is beginning. “Why are we here at 8am, doesn’t school start at 9am?” The child from our carpool says he learned to read sundials last year. I am looking forward to the routine of the school year. But how do you get soccer practice, homework, and dinner ready within a 3-hour time frame? We are relying on the slow cooker on these busy days.   

With the Fall, shorter sunlit days bring opportunities for creative play indoors.  My family has found one way to look forward to these dark afternoons… Light-up toys. We like the spinning, battery-operated types the best. Flashlights will work too. Our favorite family activity is to play a type of tag that involves a hide-and-seek game. Even the dogs find our laughter a good reason to join in.

While the connection with my children is essential, it is also important to connect with my extended family and my friends. I need both. I value taking time to interact with everyone that I care about. To pick up the phone to call a friend, or send an on-line or text message. To sit on the couch and cuddle with my kids. 

Think about your family… What aspects do you totally love and appreciate? 

When you imagine feeling connected to those you care about, what comes to mind? What quality time do you share with your family and friends?

Good health and happiness are often enhanced when we feel connected, secure financially, grateful, and at peace. I truly appreciate Verity’s Core Value of “Our success flows from focus on our members.” I am thankful for all the quality connections in my life. Are You?

Gotta go teach my daughter how to read sundials!


The Verity Mom Team