APPLICANT #19: Jana Bailey-Hessler

Jana Bailey-Hessler is a mother of one from Everett, Washington.

Here is Jana's video application:

Here is Jana's current situation:

"What am I up to?

I just finished college, and graduated in July of this year, after having decided to go back to school.

My son and I are getting ready to publish 2 children’s books that he and I wrote together. Not only are we co-authors but we are also our own publishing company. Our next book will be an activity guide for kids and parents to save money and have fun. Our whole idea is to bring back the idea of family togetherness.

In May of this year I took the motorcycle safety course.  Now I am a motorcycle mama riding a Buell blast! I have been enjoying exploring Washington, on a motorcycle with my son and fiancé’. I also belong to a few lady rider groups who are involved in doing charity events.

I live life to the fullest every moment I can. I love to take the challenges it throws me. I believe in grabbing life by the horns and tackling it full on!"

Here is Jana's blog post:

"My son has taught me to take time and enjoy life. Kids have a way of viewing life in such a simplistic and pure way. Sometimes after long days at work when customers, coworkers, my boss, and traffic have all beaten me down. I come home and my son will say “I love you, mommy”, or say something witty. My stress melts away better than any box of “Calgon” could ever do!

Kids don’t care about all the fluff and twinkling lights and pomp and circumstance. The most important thing and the only thing my son has to have in his mind is snuggle time. Every night before bed (and sometimes it’s a speed round) we snuggle. I just hold him in my arms and rub his hair and smoother him in kisses."


The Verity Mom Team