APPLICANT #14: Angie Weatherhead

Angie Weatherhead is a mother of a two from Renton, Washington.

Here is Angie's video application:

Here is Angie's current situation:

"I love life, I love a good time and I love to laugh especially in the company of others. We moved to Washington just over 2 years ago after living in way to many places to count. I love Seattle and it’s surrounding area and hope to stay here until I’m old. I like making stuff, learning about new things and interacting with many different types of people. So I try to work all of that into each day as much as possible."

Here is Angie's blog post:

"Five days after graduating from college with a Bachelor's Degree, I began another intense learning course. All the classes are hands on field courses. You learn by trial and error. You have complete creative freedom over your studies. The name of the program: Motherhood.

I present to you an excerpt from the unwritten course catalog.

Sleep Training
If you were hoping you would learn how to get baby to sleep through the night, think again. This is about sleep training YOU! You will learn the skills needed to be a fully functional human being on little or no sleep. You will learn that simply waking up and getting dressed is a big accomplishment. (Daily shower optional for the first few weeks.)

Child Psychology & Behavioral Studies
No scientists, no special training, just you and the kids. You figure out what makes them tick, you will find some methods that work, and many that don't. (Be sure to check out Part 2 when your second baby arrives on the scene.)

Web Mastering
Now that you have kids, its time to start blogging! You'll discover what works and what doesn't for posting frequency. You'll also explore many different blogging platforms before settling in on the most suitable one for you and your family. You will have the cutest family on the block, or at least it will appear that way.

Closets and basements aren't the only places to hide clutter. Learn the tips and tricks of the pros for keeping you house looking neat and orderly when company comes to call.

Basics of Meal Planning
Your days of eating out daily are gone. It's time to get domestic. First timers don't fret. What you failed to learn from Mama, you will learn by trial and error. (Recommended cookbook list available if you get stuck.)

Animal Care
So, your kids want a puppy, a kitty, a hamster or even a snake? Get ready for this crash course in animal care. You will be taking care of that cuddly (or not so cuddly) creature before you know it- all by yourself.

Expert Problem Solving
You'll start with learning to "let the little things go" and work you way right on up to "calm, cool and collected through a crisis".

Fundamentals of Grocery Shopping with Kids
"In and out in 10 minutes" is a thing of the past. Get used to it. You'll also learn when it’s worth circling the parking lot one last time, and that the most coveted parking space is right next to the cart corral.

Baby Accessory Design and Creation
A fun course for creative and crafty moms. Learn how easy it is to make a wide variety of baby accessories yourself. If you're really good you'll learn how to spin your creations into a profitable home business.

Primitive Language Decryption
The ability to converse with adults won't help you much when it comes to understanding the grunts and gestures your little angel uses to communicate. Most Moms are fast learners though. You'll be speaking a new language in record time!

Budgeting Gymnastics
Kids initiate a snowball effect of unexpected expenses. Learn how to live within your means, get out or stay out of debt and even have a bit left over. Outsmart the advertisers and just say no.

Keep in mind that this is not an all-inclusive list, but a sampling of courses offered. You may find it helpful to try the Au Pair program to get your feet wet before enrolling full time.


The Verity Mom Team