APPLICANT #13: Wanda DeGolier

Wanda DeGolier is a mother of a two from Tacoma, Washington.

Here is Wanda's video application:

Here is Wanda's current situation:

"My current situation,
Is one of utter bliss.
I'm a Mommy, a wife, a volunteer too,
If you can imagine this.
Between laundry, homework, dishes and dinner,
I expend the income of our family's bread winner.
I try to be thrifty
But still get things that are nifty.
And of course I write. And write.
Please check out my own website.
For this mom,
It's at
I FaceBook, I Twitter, I YouTube it too.      
So I can keep in touch with people like you.
So what am I up to you ask?
Simply put, I multitask."

Here is Wanda's blog post:

"One Mother's Journey

Motherhood is not for wimps.

Before I had children, I worked two jobs while attending night college. After graduating, I met my soon-to-be husband and we started a business. For ten years, we nurtured it. We worked all the time.

But our clocks were ticking. It was time for kids.

Figuring I'd take five years off, we sold the business. I thought I'd get the little tykes settled then return to the business world.

An older friend laughed at the plan. He said staying home with kids 'wasn't time off.' I thought he was nuts. No alarm clocks. No deadlines. No customers. Just five years of motherly bliss. I'd sleep in, bake chocolate-chip cookies, and take leisurely strolls in the park.


Becoming a Mom was not what I'd expected.

Nothing prepared me for my headlong tumble into the most intense love affairs of my life. I became submersed in my daughter's life. Normally independent, I became a doter extraordinaire.

Though my husband and I planned to have one biological child and one adopted child, neither of us could fathom waiting the time it would take for an adoption to go through. Soon I was pregnant with our son.

To our surprise, he was born with an X-chromozone defect. He had severe colic and had to have several surgeries. My daughter, then a toddler who was used to my full attention, rebelled.

Saying I struggled is an understatement.

I recall sitting on the floor in my living room after my son had vomited for the forth time that day. As he screamed, I rocked him. Physically and emotionally exhausted, I began sobbing.

My daughter came over, pushed her little body onto my lap and began crying too. As the vomit soaked into the carpet, the three of us bawled. And as awful as the moment was, there was a beauty in it too. We were in this thing together.

For me, motherhood has always been intense.

Intense love. Intense devotion. Intense exhaustion. Intense frustration. Intense learning. And an intense desire to do right by the little people.

So here I am, eight-years later, a stay-at-home Mom and part-time writer. Gone are my plans to take the business world by storm. Instead I am humbled by the Mom's I see who quietly give so much of themselves.

I've come to realize that we Moms are the cement of the community and the foundation of our families. It's we who love without reason and give without reward, so that our children will grow into confident, thoughtful adults.

And so I say, celebrate our journey! Soon we will grow old and the moments that challenged us will fade into memories. And to all mothers out there, working or stay-at-home, you have my respect. Because no matter how you choose to do it, you are doing it. And that, alone, is a gift.

We are mothers, hear us roar!


The Verity Mom Team