APPLICANT #12: Jenny Ingram

Jenny Ingram is a mother of a three from Poulsbo, Washington.

Here is Jenny's video application:

Here is Jenny's current situation:

"Let's see... what am I up to?

... my ears in laundry, most days.

I am married to a optimistic creative! His name is Paul and he works for an internet start-up in Seattle. In December we will celebrate our 15 year anniversary. *whew!* 

I am a typical busy mom with 3 children. My kiddos are the core of my exhaustion and the core of my delight. Lucy (4) was our "surprise" and we can't imagine what life would be like without her spice and pure joy. Olivia (7) has arguably the most contagious laugh of any human on earth. Our oldest, Joel (10), is a compassionate boy who loves a plan aaaaand his new puppy.

Before I continue, I feel I should put something out there... If my children "break wind", instead of saying "Excuse me" they say, "Go Seahawks!". We're working on this. I just feel I should make sure all my "skeletons" are out of the closet before I fully launch into this campaign.

In addition to the house, and the children, and the husband, and, and, and... I blog. I. Am. A. Blogger. There. I admitted it. I write in a few spaces. My internet "home", the "birthplace" of my mania is Jenny On The Spot. It is there I... explore the funny, the silly, my skewed perspective of reality. Really, I love to make people laugh, and Jenny On The Spot has become my voice, my stage... my therapy. I can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and most recently, Whrrl.

Outside of my personal online ventures, I am the Just for Mom Editor at Type-A Mom. There I get to focus on stories of motherhood and ways for moms to rest and relax. I also have a reader blog at the Kitsap Sun online, aptly titled "Mom on the Spot". At Mom On The Spot I try to share stories that have to do with local living and motherhood. And then there is my fun project with @poulsboperk, where I manage their Twitter stream.

Folks. I love to write. I love to create. I LOVE to be silly. I also love to discover useful information and share. My many years in the blogging community have given me a wonderful pool of resources... resources I can use as Verity Mom. Daily I come across links and articles and ideas that I find in this rich online community. My hope as Verity Mom would be to not only use these tools and resources to share ideas and advice on saving and spending and being wise with our pennies, but also seek out input from this diverse network of women and families I feel so connected to... and share.

But also, my family is on a journey. Like many, we are having to cut back... be careful... think twice about spending, and then think a third time. As Verity Mom, I would invite our community to join my family in goal setting. I would seek out other families to find out what they are doing... and goal-set with them. I want to find new ways for us to make changes without feeling deprived... without feeling over-worked.You see, one thing I have learned as we cut and cinch-up, cutting costs can require a lot of extra work. Gone are the days of grabbing a quick "cheap" lunch at a fast food joint. We are making our own lunches! That takes time. That takes a little extra planning. I want to find out what other moms, dads... FAMILIES are doing and bring it to the Verity Community. My plan is not to not just share what I do. I am a huge fan of diversity.

My hope as Verity Mom would be to help create a place with Verity Credit Union for families to find answers... to help lead families to a financial institution that has more than than the bottom line in mind. To help families find a financial home as "the big guys" treat us more and more like numbers instead of people. I am so excited about Verity Credit Union's vision to reach out to families... for taking an active interest in where we are going... in what we will be doing with our hard-earned dollars. I would love to be a part of this."

Here is Jenny's blog post:

"A Top 10 List: Things I Have Learned From My Children.

I have learned so many valuable things from my children. It is be impossible to share all of the things I have learned in my motherhood journey, so I will limit myself. Besides, I went to the BlogHer Conference in Chicago this year, and at one of the SEO sessions I heard top ten lists are HOT. Therefore, in an effort to stay on the cutting edge, and also be concise... my Top Ten:

10) Stop and smell the dandelions. And blow on them. Then stop and look at the shape of bark. Then follow the ant and see if your spit will fall on it's back. Slow down and observe. Oh the wonder we discover when we take the time to just look... and also spit on the backs of unassuming bugs.

9) It is not the end of the world if we are late to the doctor/tumbling class/school (see #10). Yes, it is important to teach responsibility and the value of being on time. BUT, it really isn't the end of the world (see #10).

8) Matching shoes are not a necessity. Really. For an adult, it is more important, but for the 10 and under set... it can be a good day if we get out of the house with one left-foot and one right-footed shoe.

7) Laugh. A lot. And Easily.

6) Accessorize. A little color or a little sparkle can perk up the darkest day, for oneself and even others (particularly one's little princesses).

5) Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches CAN be eaten everyday. No one will get scurvy. I speak from experience.

4) Play the music loud and dance... in the living room, in the kitchen, on the front porch...

3) Silence is not golden. It is the sound of danger and probably the sound of marker and paint (or worse!) being applied to select pieces of furniture or carpet  or bodies during naptime.

2) The Tooth Fairy is a flake.

1) The best behavior modification method... *drumroll*... TIME. Time spent snuggling, time spent listening, time spent playing WITH our kids is the best way to help change... not only the child, but the parent.

"But what about the money, Jenny?! You are applying to be the Verity Mom, you can't not write about money!"

You make a good point. I will make this a Top 10 list with TWO #1s:

1) Kids cost money! Also, kids love money! My husband and I have to be an example and actively teach our children the value of money... Therefore, we take time to talk to our kids about what we choose to spend our money on. We talk about the fact we cannot buy everything we want. We model it by not acting on every impulse. We give them opportunities to earn their own money. We let them make some poor choices now... while the price tag (literally) is small. Then, when they are fully responsible for their own financial well-being, they will have a few of their own experiences from which to draw..


The Verity Mom Team