“Are you ok?”

“Alli, what happened?”

I couldn’t talk yet. My hand – still cupped over my mouth – my silence turned to crying, then quickly to laughter. This flurry of emotions was brought on by the realization that the timing for such an injury could not be less serendipitous.

Is it possible that my 2 year old daughter could somehow know that now would be the WORST time to head-butt me right in the mouth? Had she somehow conceived the significance of a bloody blemish caused by a playful ‘love-tap?’

Super. Amidst campaigning for a new job featuring my likeness in photo and VIDEO blogs, I get to be on camera with a huge red mark right in the middle of my lips. Perfect.

Isn’t that how it goes sometimes? We attempt to carry out the simple plans we’ve so carefully created, and WHACK! We get hit in the face. I’ve seen this scenario play out several times as a mom. No, not the fat lip, but the jolting, broadsiding events that life sometimes sends my way. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that there is nothing life can throw at me that is more important than my family and my sense of humor. Somewhere between a fat lip, and a perfect smile, things always work out. And in the middle: Sometimes all you can do is laugh. Sometimes… all you can do is laugh.