About Verity Mom

Verity Credit Union's ongoing effort to connect with Seattle moms

It's about giving moms a voice. We launched Verity Mom in 2009 because we felt strongly that Moms and families were not being well served by large faceless financial institutions. Moms in Washington didn't have a voice when it came to getting what they needed financially. So we launched a search for a Mom and gave that person a platform: the Verity Mom website. Rosemary Garner served in the role for two years, followed by Danielle Gahl in 2011. Mollye Taylor won the most recent search in 2013 to become our current Verity Mom.


In order to listen to and learn from Washington Moms, Mollye encourages dialogue in many ways on the Verity Mom website. You can:

Our Verity Mom won a contest to be a Verity Credit Union contract employee. Mollye's job includes speaking at events throughout the Seattle area and posting fresh blog entries and video blogs on the Verity Mom website. This means she's looking for YOU to get your thoughts and opinions about what you need from your financial institution.

The ultimate goal of Verity Mom is to help our credit union connect with Moms and families and to help us really understand how we can serve Moms and families better than any other financial institution.

Meet Mollye, our Verity Mom

"One of the reasons I am so passionate about being the Verity Mom is because Verity Credit Union sees the importance a mom plays in her family’s financial health."

– Mollye


About Mollye

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio - determined, passionate and motivated!

Nicknames: Moe - mostly by my family and long-time school friends.

Interests: Writing, healthy cooking, placing equal importance on being a good mom and good wife, running/working out, hanging with my family.

Color of choice: I say my favorite color is yellow but most my clothes are either black, white or grey. Plus I don't have any yellow in my house. But I'm still sticking with yellow.

Personal hero: My mom - she taught me how to be an independent, strong woman. And most good mommies come from good mommies.

Favorite foods: Sushi without a question. I could live on Ahi tuna.

Favorite family activity: Hanging out at home. We're homebodies and there's no other place I'd rather be.