Thanks for the Memories

Verity Mom

Our Verity Mom program began in 2009. During the six years we ran this contest we had 138 moms apply for three positions, which were held by our talented and engaging Verity Moms: Rosemary Garner, Danielle Gahl, and Mollye Taylor. Each was different and we loved them all. We also gave away hundreds of prizes, including tickets to the zoo, Mother's Day packages, and gift cards for coffee. Our Cartwheel for a Cause contests provided more than $20,000 to 79 nonprofits (which were nominated and chosen by people in the area).

It has been a great program and we have loved the laughs, tears, and benefits it has provided.

Yes, this program has come to an end, but everything it stood for – the community focus, family interactions and efforts to partner with nonprofit organizations – live on at Verity. These values are integral to who Verity is and we will infuse them into future programs, blogs, partnerships, and our daily interactions. 

Thank you to everyone who participated – whether it was as a contestant, guest blogger, commenter, or casual reader – we appreciate you all.